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Bye Bees Live Bee Removal in El Paso, TX removes a large hive of bees from the floor of a shed.

Honeybees are vital to the worlds ecosystem and our food supply. Over 80% of our fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other crops are pollinated by bees. Our local agriculture is dependent on their survival. 


Michael Rushton, owner of Bye Bees Live Bee Removal, LLC

We remove the entire colony of bees (sometimes up to 30,000),  the honeycomb, honey, and any other hive material. Just removing the bees can lead to further infestation from other insects and rodents. 


A beekeeper from Bye Bees Live Bee Removal, LLC shows of a frame of rescued bees at a farm in New Mexico.

Bee colonies are relocated to farms and agricultural areas throughout SW Texas and New Mexico. From pecan, alfalfa, and other crops, bees are provided a safe home and plentiful pollen source. 

who we service


City of El Paso, TX at sunrise

We can safely and effectively handle just about any bee problem you may have. We have the skills, equipment and training to ensure your communities and their residents stay safe. 


School Busses

School Integrated Pest Management 

We will work with your IPM Coordinator to implement a program that is ecologically friendly, without the use of harmful chemicals.  



Gas, water, electric companies...we've got you covered. Don't let a hive of bees in your equipment result in costly downtime or customer or employee injuries. 

Property Managers / HOA


Apartments, housing complexes....bees oftentimes decide your property is great, but don't want to pay rent. Let us help. 



Not only are we Veteran owned, we are also the preferred bee removal specialists for Fort Bliss housing. 



The safety of your employees and customers is paramount to your success. Let us quickly and safely handle your bee problems. 

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