We don't exterminate...we remove and relocate!

Got Bees? 541-727-1224

Got Bees? 541-727-1224

Got Bees? 541-727-1224Got Bees? 541-727-1224Got Bees? 541-727-1224

We provide commercial bee removal services for businesses, schools, utilities, city, and  federal government facilities. 



Bye Bees Live Bee Removal in El Paso, TX removes a large hive of bees from the floor of a shed.

Bees tend to make their homes in a variety of places. They build in walls and rooflines of homes and buildings, trees, storage sheds, utility meters, irrigation boxes, the list is endless. While these places are ideal for the bees, they are usually not so ideal for humans or animals; and can pose some serious risks. We will promptly evaluate your unique situation and develop a plan to safely and quickly remove the bees alive. 


NUC boxes sit in the back of a bee removal vehicle.

Using a variety of tools including aerial drones and thermal imaging cameras, we locate and identify the size of the colony.  We then use a variety of methods to collect and remove the bees alive.

We use no chemicals or pesticides. We not only remove the bees, but also the honeycomb and residual hive material. This helps avoid future infestations from other insects and rodents who will feed on this material.


A beekeeper from Bye Bees Live Bee Removal, LLC shows of a frame of rescued bees at a farm in New Mexico.

Bee colonies are relocated to new homes on farms and agricultural areas throughout Southwest Texas and New Mexico. Provided with pecan, alfalfa, and flowering fruit and vegetable pollen the bees have abundant sources of nutrition. 

They don't just eat, they also pollinate the crops as they fly between 1-2 miles each day for food. 

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